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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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announcer ] 4 out of 5 dentists confirmed these pro-health products helped maintain a professional clean. my daughter inspired me to make a change. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. starts next. >> are we trying that hard to keep ebola out? and should the government impose a travel band? can republicans take control of the senate or blow it? they are 25 miles from baghdad. is isis capable of taking iraq's capitol. and houston mayor pastor's sermons are fair game. i say game on. ♪ >> good evening, and i good evening, i'm mike huckabee, thanks for watching tonight. should pastors turn over their
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sermon and their sermon notes over to church members. sure it happens in china and ir iran. but should americans just shut up when their freedom of religious is directly threatened. just when you thought that someone in government -- irs scandals and spying on reporters, clelting on e-mails and phone records, forcing pastors do speak on the slaughter of innocent children, we see a stunning example of reckless abuse of power. >> houston, we have a problem. >> yes, we have a problem and it's in houston. an niece parker, the openly lesbian mayor of houston passed -- preference to transgender people who claim who identify with the opposite jechbder.
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didn't want to send their -- eventually they collected enough signatures to put the measure up for a vote before the people. a heavy handed mayor and city attorney declared that there weren't enough valid signatures and citizecitizen -- s&p the -- starnes of fox broke this story and the storm came down. be surprised that pastor sermon material had been requested. it said offensive the five pastors use pulpits for politics, their sermons are fair game. instructions given on filling out anti-hero pe oo petition, t makes it clear to me that she not only knew but she approved.
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we invited her on the show tonight but she declined. i'm not sure if i blame her. i ma'am, have you ever read the united states constitution? i mean ever, are you familiar with the first amendment? do you believe that the american form of government was to trample the most fuchkdmental rights of the citizens so it can silence the votes and -- the houston case reminds us of how rapidly our country is being taken over by despots who will perform genocide to people who cling to their bibles. the houston mayor and her ilk, like mayors in chicago and boston, who tried to prevent businesses opening in their cities because the business owners were bible believing christians, she needs to apologize and start respecting
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all citizens or at least have the integrity to resign. they shouldn't expect taxpayers to fund hate filled gestapo like actions to openly shut down the free exercise of religion and then attempt to establish a religion of godless sectarianism. because good christians don't vote and don't care. of the 80 million self-identified evangelicals in america, half aren't even registered to vote and about half of them vote in a presidential election year election and only half of those vote in a midterm election like this year. so i've got an idea. if she wants some sermons, here's my suggestion, i would like to ask every pastor in america, not just the ones in houston, i would like to ask
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every pastor in america send her your sermons, obviously she could use a few. if you're a pastor, send them to her. and here's another thought, everybody watching the show, ought to send her a bible. that's right, everybody, her address is on the screen. i hope she gets thousands and thousands after sermons and bibles. john glen is the pastor of the vietnamese pastor of the church in houston, he came to america to escape a communist government who tried to control who and how he worships. he's one of the pastors who dry -- an alliance of freedom attorneys. and pastor wen, i want to start with you, because you escaped the tierny in vietnam. one of the boat people who got out of that country when you )!u life. when you came to america, did
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you ever think that the government of the united states, acting through one of its mayors would ask you to cough up your sermons so they could approve them? >> never would i have thought this would happen to us here in america. >> you must be a little bit disconcerted that this has been required of you or requested of you, do you plan to give your sermons to the mayor of houston. >> she can have my sermon, but not my subpoena. my sermon is to the people watching in vietnam and other parts of the world, it's made public. but to the man that i turn in my sermon and communication correspondent, it's violates what this nation is for, it's freedom of speech and freedom of
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religion. >> when you got your subpoena, what was your reaction to it? >> it shocked me at first, by i know this was just a tactic to silence the votes of the -- because i feel like they want to send us a message that you speak up and you pay. >> eric, let me bring you into the conversation, you're the leede attorney that now defending these five pastors. alliance defending freedom, your organization deals with issues like this. i'll be honest with you, i have never seen anything like this blatant. is this a sermon for what you do? >> this is an unprecedented attack on the religious liberties of pastors. i was shocked to see the amount and the breath of what the city was can be from heads pastors,
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17 different categories of communications, including their speeches and sermons and also concerning private communications of clergy members, which could be covered by the clergy confidentiality statute. i was floored when i heard about these subpoenas. >> eric, what she fweet tweeted out specifically said sermons, i think it was yesterday or sometime today she has amended and said well not their sermons but their speeches, i'm trying to determine what's the difference. >> the only thing the city did was remove the word sermons from the subpoena. it literally still concernings different categories of communications including any and all communications on the petition, any and all communications about homosexuality, about jechgender
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identity and it still includes the private communications between pastors and their church members. the city of houston doesn't get it, it appears they have never read the first amendment as you said and they don't seem to understand that when you go after pastors like this, you're running rough shod over the first amendment. >> i cannot imagine that there's any court in the land, lower or appellate or the supreme court that could side with the city of houston and what they have requested whether it's in the guise of the discovery phase or not. tell us what you x is going to happen over the next few weeks and months of this case. >> i think you other exactly right. the important point to know that these pastors that were subpoenaed, all they did was oppose this ordinance that the city had passed and they encouraged people to sign this petition, essentially they were exercising their constitutional rights to free speech. we're representing all five of the pastors and we file a motion
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to quash these subpoenas. >> it occurs to me that it may be that this one mayor of houston texas has done something that hundreds of thousands of pastors have not been able to do is and that's to wake up their congregation and make them realize that -- get up out of their slumber and realize that if we don't get up and stand up and do something to protect our freedoms we will lose it. that's why i'm hoping that somebody will send a bible to the mayor and that all the pastors will send her their sermons and give her a pile of sermons to wade through. thank you for joining us. >> what do you think about what's happening to the pastors in loohouston?
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for ebola czar ron klain, a political operative, not somebody affiliated that i know of for health care, what happened to the appointment of this particular individual as the czar? >> can i say the czar is bizarre? the governor, for two weeks, i've been saying the president needs a point person, the president needs a general in this war against this virus, because we are able to do that, we need someone who can put through athe layers of bureaucracy and we have seen that now in all the layiers of -- recently energy in congress, and you ask who's in charge and no one sitting at that wans table is able to tell you. we need someone in charge, i don't know mr. klain, i will -- you will have to defer to other people who have perhaps known
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him better who will be able to make that judgment. seen former marine commandant peter pace, as somebody who might be put into that position who understands what it's like to lead in a federal bureaucracy achkd ask able to break through the walls of those silos that keep things separated. the government for of utah for a number of years xz people who have had some experiencing in dealing with the mass issues of bringing government into a fo s focus, and you know, i tend to think that the appointment of ron klain, who is primarily a political and pr guy, that to the white house this is not a health issue, this is a political and a pr issue. >> it is politically damaging to
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the president and he needs to get that fixed. we have not gotten it right and people are looking at us to get it right. we have got a lot of problems down here right now, and the problems are largely because people have lost confidence, they have lost confidence in the cdc, they have lost confidence in the president. put them in a place where all of the contingencies can be managed, and the other thing i would do is stop issuing travel documents from those three countries, where the disease is unchecked. we don't have to continue those right now, give us a little time to even catch up here at home? >> one of the things i don't understand, maybe you can help me on this.
5:18 pm
the president says it would be worse if we put the travel ban in place, i have tried to work through that mem mentally why it's better to let people travel in and out of those areas. does that make sense to you as a congressman and a doctor? >> the logic makes no sense and when it was people tried to justify to the committee hearing, it made no sense. look, we could do a lot to help those country where is the disease is unchecked. we are doing a lot, we can send servicemen over there. including our country and i think that is the only logical thing to do, an american citizen who is in one of those countries, who needs to travel back here, okay, i get that,
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three week quarantine somewhere, even let the federal government pick up the tab for that, but as far as elebcted travel for business or whatever, let's suspend those visas now. >> we're grateful for you being here, thank you for joining us. is media coverage of ebola creating unnecessary panic in america. more on that later in the show. but with a lack of leadership in washington, the majority of the senate? midterms ask for republicans to lose. but can the gop still blow it? radio talk show host steve days with tell us when we come back. l tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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>> the midterm elections, just over two weeks away and republicans are feeling optimistic that they can take control of the senate. but can they still screw thing up? and if so, how? my next guest has a good pulse on what's driving voters in the midwest. he's syndicated talk show host piece steve daece is -- in his roach motel, where bills go in, but they never, ever come out. >> it's sort of an art of war moment, where if your opponent is making a fool out of himself, get out of the way and let him. if you listen to what's been on this show so far, you're seeing all the reasons why the president's approval rating is about 40%, which of course is
5:24 pm
dreadful, and you look at the fact that those sicx-year itch, the president has lost -- the border crisis, ebola, obama care, more cancellation notices going out this month and i've got really low regard, i think two of the shortest books that strategieie >> by way of full disclosure, i have endorsed some of these candidates, will be campaigning with them, for them and in some cases have already done so, this is bruce brayley, give us your take on iowa.
5:25 pm
is joanie earnest going to win this? >> iowans have been waiting to see the sassy gal they loved in the primary, with the steel castration ads that that go by nationally. but in this last debate, she went back to being the off the cuff joni, and she blew mr. brayley away. i think it's all over but the shouting. >> republican that i have endorsed against michelle nunn which is the daughter of beloved georgian sam nunn, this is a race that's gone bright red lately, why is this still in play? >> this would be political malpractice. romney won this state two years ago. it's a much more favorable
5:26 pm
environment in 2014 than 2012. and what david purdue is running a cam main giving you all this stuff about mitt romney. it's a listless campaign, he's running on basically nothing, that being said, you have a run off system there, i will still be surprised if the republicans end up losing that race. but it's going down to the wire in a year that it should not have to. >> my home state of arkansas, tom cotton, a person i have endorsed this week, is going against mark pryor. is there any chance that he could win that seat? >> 45% in this race have actually held on to their seats. and tom cotton has done everything david perdue has not done. if i wanted to vote for democrat
5:27 pm
policies i would kuwait vote for a democrat. cotton has capitalized on that circuit. >> we only have a few seconds, give us your take on kentucky because mitch mcconnell is still awfully close to allison grimes and she seems to be imploding in that race. >> the democrats basically pulled out of the race this week, so it's just what mcconnell's victory margin will be. >> it's all about getting harry reid out of the way, for me, it really is. isis has taken over a town just 28 miles from baghdad. is the fall of the iraqi capital
5:28 pm
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you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ . the nation's top expert on -- dr. amount fauci said protocols used at a dallas hospital were inadequate and helped contribute to two nurses. the cdc is expected to release new guidelines on caring for infected patients. liberia's president says more than 2,000 people have died in herto+ country and that comd with years of war has brought
5:32 pm
liberia down to a stand still. johnson says a generation of young people risk being lost because of the ebola catastrophe. i'm harris faulkner, now back to programming. well, more u.s. air strikes over the syrian town of kobani isis is making a play for the border with turkey. >> we're noting changes in the enemy's behavior and tactics that reflect his dmen initiated capability and restricted movement. >> in iraq, isis forces are dangerously close to that nation's capital baghdad. my next guest was the first
5:33 pm
american to be assigned control of83)ju(t after the toppling of saddam hussein in 2003. general jay garner joins us now. general, welcome back to the show. >> good to be back. >> there are a couple of vulnerable spots, kobani and baghdad, i think everybody is concerned that isis is moving in on them. if isis is able to take both kobani and baghdad, how imminent does that become for all of the area of iraq? >> let's start with kobani, that borders two countries, that you just pointed out. it would be huge from population propaganda, however it would be the first time that isis has been able to take over a large town that didn't have a friendly sunni arab population, so from a propaganda standpoint, kobani --
5:34 pm
it looks like they're doing pretty good in kobai next right now. people, it's nearly all of shiia, i just don't see them being able to squloefr throw that. 6 they can keep the government from functioning properly. and it will all be huge propaganda for them. >> sometimes i wonder if the government has ever functioned properly in baghdad. that's one of the problems we have had with all of iraq, i would fear. syria's got three different warplanes that they have captured from the syrians. they're old warplanes, they're old migs, it would seem the pr disaster of them being able to sit in the cockpit and pretend that they are going to have an air force might help them with recruiting. >> all right, number one, as you know, an airplane is a very
5:35 pm
complex machine it takes -- we wouldn't know that, we wouldn't see where they are. -- however if they got all that done. one of the things that i think has been hard to understand is turkey's role in all of this. they basically sat this one out. and isis forces are all over their border. they're a member of nato, but they have done absolutely nothing. what's the story? >> i think you can put right now the turks and the arab city
5:36 pm
countries in the same box. they both have -- the shiia iranian influence in arab iraq and syria and in lebanon. in syria, of course, they want the government in baghdad, they want to take that out of shiia control. the second thing with the turks will degrade or completely get rid of the syrian kurds and the turkish kurds. but if i was the president, what i would say is here's our policy, our policy would guarantee the survival of the iraqi kurds, they're democratic, they alike with us, they're pro u.s. and their strategic location and we will guarantee their survival. you arabs, you turks and you
5:37 pm
iranians feel threatened by isis, that would be an influns. >> jay garner, i always love having you on, you're a straight talking kind of guy, and i like it that way. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. imtd like for you to be my facebook friend and follow me on twitter. you can also get my views each day on the news that's happening now. get my comment tear, the hu huckabee report. find the petition, standing with the houston pastors at i stand for free is the media coverage of ebola overblown? and the uplifting story of a
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government can't protect us from getting i bowl la. if someone wants to come to the u.s., they can just walk rite in. my statement received a lot of backlash. >> you think that making statements abo oh, my god, ebola can come across the boarder through mexico is a little bit irresponsible. >> i think it's irresponsible. i would take it a step forward, it's also wrong. >> fast forward a couple of weeks, from what we know now, are my comments all fa far off? betsy, good to have you back. >> glad to be back on such an importantly issue. >> they kind of beat me up for people like me that say our border is not exactly secure, we don't know what's coming in, if it's not ebola, maybe something else. people in the elite kind of sneer down and hold us in con te tempt for thinking in common
5:43 pm
consistency ways. sit right that we should be concerned? >> of course we should be concerned and preventing a large outbreak of disease is much more important than just predicting it. and that's why i am calling for a travel ban and so many others are. but to the fundamental question, could americans die from ebola and if so, how many? that will depend on what hospitals do when infected travelers from africa go to hospitals seeking care. and i can tell you, because i have spent a decade, more than a decade in the hospitals advocating for hospital safety. our hospitals kchbl stop ebola. hospitals can't stop staff and other infections that are racing through our institutions killing hundreds of thousands of people a year, am i right?
5:44 pm
we know about these hospital infections. and treating an ebola patient is so dangerous that one misstep can kill you. 277 doctors and nurses in africa have died treating ebola patients. >> we're told that we should been that worried about ebola, more people die from the flu ever year, and statistically that's true. is there an unnecessary panic, are we blowing it out of proportion, is the news media fanning the flames of this sort of unjustified fear? >> it's not that it's unjustified. the point is that we can prevent it through a travel ban, i wish we couldöq+ent our children from getting many kinds of potentially deadly diseases, including this current enter k
5:45 pm
enterovirus. but we have to contain this disease in africa, and that's important to not only our country but also third world country where is we should make every earth to make sure it ÷ indiar china, but particularly our own health care workers, i don't think our doctors and nurses should have to remove their protective gear knowing one mistake could kill them. we all make mistakes. >> offer your prayers for our doctors and nurses, they're doing the their jobs, they put their lives on the line, not just for ebola, they don't have any idea what's coming through that emergency room. we need to be grateful for the doctors and nurses on the front line of our health carez9kñ in country, i hope we'll all be praying for them. >> and protecting them with a travel ban. >> absolutely, thank you so
5:46 pm
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5:50 pm
>> dad? >> travis -- >> explain what? with the help his family and his friends travis fulfilled his dream to play high school tofootball. his story inspired the new movie 23 blast. travis free man and the film's director tim baker who also plays travis' father is here now. >> great to have you. >> i want to tell you off the bat this film inspired me. i had a chance to see it and i loved it. it is so optimistic and hopeful and a story, if you written this nobody would have believed this if it was written as fiction. >> i wasn't good enough to play high school football with high sight. so the fact that you were able to do it after this infection
5:51 pm
took your sight. first of all i want to talk about the coach who i think is a real hero not only in the film but a hero in life. your mother thought maybe you could be a manager on the team after you lost your sight, help out. what did he say to you? >> he looked at my mom and said, no. just kind of let it hang there for a second. she was kind of like, okay. then he said, travis freeman does anything he is going to play. i figured out how he can do it he will be the center with a guard on either side of him a man over the ball telling him where the man is. as he makes contact with his opponent it will be just like any one. >> i can't image what you thought okay you are still on the team. you are blind you are going to center. were you skeptical you could pull this off? >> never. for me i was at home when i set foot back on the foot bald field. it wasn't that i was doing anything special. it wasn't that i was doing anything great or worthy of a
5:52 pm
movie. i was just trying to do what every other boy in corbin wanted to do that was to play football for the red hounds. i was there and i didn't want to be treated any differently. the coach yelled at me just like he yelled at any one else. it was just right. >> you know, when i think about the challenges you must have faced, did the other teammate, were they afraid that you might get hurt or something might happen because of the blindness? >> i had great teammates and they were all supportive. they were all for it and they all saw that coach wasn't going to treat me any differently so they didn't treat me any differently. the people of corbin sport sported me playi-- supported me playing. >> you not only play the part of travis' dad but you are the director of the film. what drew you to this?
5:53 pm
>> as soon as i read the script that my friend tony hoover had written, i was automatically, that's a great story. i met travis, i met his parents and we got to go to the town of corbin. >> corbin kentucky. >> met willard ferris the coach >> met willard ferris the coach met mobility coach talked to the parents about how things had happened. i thought it was an amazing story. so inspirational. >> when you actually got to meet v travis and got to know him did the story take on a bigger meaning to you? this is no longer a story you read but now you know this incredible saga of a young man who played high school football blind. >> it is interesting what travis says there's a fapart of me tha wants to say this is an amazing thing that happened.
5:54 pm
i knew that travis and mary freeman they were still going to be in corbin and this film was going to influence what people thought about them. that is a big responsibility. >> mary and liar refleeman a --y free man are here in our audience. we are delighted to have them here from corbin. travis' book was a wonderful inspirational book is lsz also going to be available. all of our audience members are going to go home with a book of travis free man. go see this magnificent story. you need the encouragement and uplifting. 23 blast will give you a wonderful good feeling as you leave the theater. dylan, it was great to have you here. travis, what a blessing your story is.
5:55 pm
great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> coming up, your comments on houston's government subpoena of pas pastor's sermons. powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. dulcolax, ♪or relief you can count on.
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who may need the trusted protection of depend underwear. show them they're not alone. and show off a pair of depend. get a free sample at one of the reasons >> one of the reasons the mayor thinks he can roll over the faith community is because many don't know the true history. i have launched "learn our history" a dvd to teach history to kids and uses an animated story. your kids and grand kids will love it. you can get a free copy of the story "god and america" on free goddv she says this, she says omg this is ludicrous. no church pastors should not give their sermons to the government. this from barbara roberts i agree totally.
5:59 pm
i live in houston steined the petition and know two of the pastors this whole situation is atrocious. pastor ron aldrich. he says, she could listen to any of my sermons in the past six years and come after me. i don't mince words no matter how many laws they pass. this from rochelle, you want to hear a sermon i am sure many of the churches will let you know what time service starts. from joanne aderbery i am outraged and ready to protest. where are we meeting? i will6fc] tell you where. i am going to be joining in a special rally in houston sunday night november the 2nd. it will be to stand with the houston five those pastors targeted by the mayor. if you would like more information go to i stand you can commander phil robertson will be one of the thoeks with us that night. don't forget to set your dvr at
6:00 pm
7:00 p.m. eastern. that's it for now. good night and god bless. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. judge jeanine."thank you for jor "the kelly file" special, ebola in america. welcome to the revolution. >> from the >> from the streets of san francisco to the death town of kentucky coal. >> obama killed it. >> even in louisiana's bustling oil planted. >> one of the best guys that i have -- jobs i have ever had. >> workers fear washington is aiming at shutting them down. >> you take away the oil industry you will have people back in the horse aund buggy bay days. >> concerned about middle class jobs. the issue that may decide this november action. >> the policies are on the


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